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Derma Aloe Vera Oxygenating Mask & Activating Lotion


Oxygenating Mask

The professional therapeutic treatment for acne, pustules, blackheads and seborrhea. Unblocks sebaceous ducts and dissolves keratinised cells and prevents further keratinisation. Mix one teaspoonful (plastic) with enough Activating Lotion (See below) to a creamy consistency. Apply with a soft brush over the face or other area to be treated and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water and then apply Retinol Plus.

Size: 50g

Activating Lotion

Use to activate the Derma Aloe Vera Oxygenating Mask for the treatment of problem skin. Aloe Vera is recognised for its healing and soothing effect. Only mix enough for immediate use. For the Treatment of Dull, Tired or Ageing Lined Skin.

Size: 125ml

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